About Bamdad Barin

The company of Bamdad Barin was established in 2005 with the goal of supplying raw material, glass and plastic packaging, as well as required cosmetic machinery. Facilitating and speeding up the process of supplying goods, services and upgrading the overall quality of cosmetic products in the Iranian market are also part of the company's business plan. The continuous goal of this company is introducing and supplying the latest technology in the world in order to sync up the domestic market with international standards, eventually helping the country's economic cycle, and making high-quality cosmetic goods and products available for consumers.
Our specialty is importing and supplying nail polish raw material, nail polish bottles, perfume bottles, various plastic cosmetic packaging, cosmetic machinery, as well as industrial and chemical raw materials. For more information, please refer to our product list. We work with many companies worldwide. Concerning the aforementioned products, we assure you that we can be your ideal supplier and business partner.
Our mission is designing, developing and industrialization of cosmetic products in a manner that blends them with cutting-edge technology, innovation, and creativity. The main goal is hitting the highest level of flexible automation while considering the reduction of costs along with a centralized focus on increasing the quality of the final product.
Our company provides all the required grandeur for our customers; and to our knowledge, we are the biggest supplier for manufacturers of every type of cosmetic product packaging and our products are imported from China, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe, and other countries.


• Continuous improvement of product quality, safety and hygiene so as to ensure costumer health and satisfaction
• Heeding the latest global technology and utilizing cutting-edge administration and management tools in supplying new products
• Fully supplying the requirements of domestic customers by offering the best quality and prices


• Moving on a customer-oriented axis and making an effort to reduce the final price of the products while increasing their quality and quantity
• A widespread presence in the country's market, as well as the markets of other countries in the region